What’s My Story?

Stories have existed since forever…forever ever…

Stories have been passed down to us for centuries. The stories that we embrace becomes a part of ourselves and thus becomes WHO WE ARE. They form our thoughts, our words, our actions, and our behaviors. They become us, we become them.

Aren’t we all living a particular story? The one that says you’re only a mechanical engineer; the one that says you can never become a successful businesswoman; the one that says you’re a woman so you’re inferior to a man; the one that says your religion is better than your neighbors; or the one that says you’re not enough!

Where did this story come from? Why does it exist? Who put it there? Can you alter it? Can you use it for your benefit?

These are the questions that I’ve been contemplating through my journey –

It all started when I was living that regular JOE-BLOE-SCHMOE life. AND I was in the depth of my suffering for 2 years.

One day I woke up with a noticeable pain in my belly. This sensation persisted over weeks. Growing stronger over months.

Life was cornering me into making a decision — to leave behind the story around my comfortable 9-5.

To do what? I had no idea! I still went along for the ride.





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