I had an itch very early on — I was an orchestrator; I made things happen.

At age 11, in 6th grade, I took it upon myself to mastermind the entertainment program, the food and beverages and the decorations for our once a year class party — the whole shebang! And I raised the funds to pull off my grand vision!

At age 15, I had a big jolt in my life. I was forced to move away from this comfort, to leave behind everything that I had known, and start fresh. I had great resistance against this move. But I had no choice. We were moving to Grand Ole’ United States and I was resisting it the whole way.

The first few months were extremely difficult. Having no friends, seeing very few people who look like you, and in 11th grade – so cliques are already formed.

And we landed 2 months before 9/11.

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Sheenika and Varun on Diwali 2020 in California

Now grateful with a ph.d.,

and 2 years of experience as an Environmental Engineering Consulting, I left my career behind.

Life as it was becoming stale, mundane, and felt pointless. What was I doing at this job that I didn’t care about? Then again, what did I care about?

I had never taken a moment to think about that question.

I was too busy being happily swept from place to place; I was asleep. Then I felt a growing pain in my stomach region, which lasted for 5 months – until the day I emailed my 5-week notice.

Then I began exploring the deeper meaning of life through my road travels across America – living the Sagittarian lifestyle while exploring many paths to understand my interests, my passions, and my purpose.

Through this exploration, I manifested a life partner and landed in Cali where…

I explored many career paths: IT consultant and technology expert to writing, speaking, life coaching, business coaching, marketing and branding, event production for 100 to 4000 people, Soulpreneurship, creating and building a 2000 person organization from nothing, guiding meditation, creating a space for singles to meet each other, build products and create services that holistically support the mind, body, and emotions, serve 8,000+ grocery bags and more than 50,000 meals to disadvantaged people in 2020-21, and create a talk show/podcast called ‘What’s Your Story’ to discuss issues pertaining to the South Asian community across the world.

Full Chakra Activation Experience
Jain Connect Host

Doc meets Chakra Doctor…

and as they say, the rest is history!

With Full Chakra Activation, Affirmation Bible, Love Abundance Store, Spiritual Block Party


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