What's Your Story with Dr. Varun Gandhi and Prafulla Shah

(Time listed is in PST)

What’s Your Story is a show about inspiring and encouraging the Indian youth, women, and men to live a better, successful life through the experiences and stories of people who have lived through the pain, the suffering, and distress and have overcome it.


Prafulla inherited a spirit of generosity and her giving nature from her mother. Losing her mother and other important people in her life made her introspect about her purpose of living and further strengthened her desire to help people in need.

She is very aware and sensitive to other people’s needs and has spent countless hours counseling and comforting people in despair both in person and over the phone all over America – people affected by personal tragedies as well as those devastated in natural disasters. In addition, she provides emotional and spiritual support to battered women, which is very critical in helping them heal and getting back on their feet.

In order to constantly better herself, she watches inspirational videos once a month with a group of like-minded women where they learn and discuss how to teach women to take an active and assertive role in empowering themselves and having a positive attitude when facing challenging situations.

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