Keynote - Nipun Mehta


11 – 12:30 PM | Nipun’s Talk and Q & A



Modern culture tells us that Bill Gates is far more generous than Mother Teresa. Ancient wisdom, on the other hand, tells us that generosity is much more layered and multi-dimensional than that. When one of Gandhi’s sandals famously dropped onto the track as he was boarding a train, without hesitation, he let his other chappal also fall — so that whoever would find one would have a usable pair. The kind of generosity that someone like Gandhi practiced — with an alignment of body, speech, and mind — is accessible to each of us. When we become open to learning, our teachers come from the most unexpected places. In fact, those who have little often teach us the depths and nuances of generosity through effortless actions. Their gifts, like those of Gandhi’s chappals, don’t generally show up on any ledger, and yet, they hold a palpable power that is rooted in the subtle.


Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an incubator that leverages technology for ‘labor of love’ projects. At the age of 24, Nipun quit his job to become a “full-time volunteer.” What started as an experiment with friends is now a global ecosystem of over 500,000 members who have not only delivered millions of dollars in service for free but are regenerating a gift culture. Their projects range from DailyGood to KindSpring to KarmaKitchen. Nipun has received many awards like Dalai Lama’s Unsung Hero of Compassion award and in 2015, President Obama appointed him to a council on poverty and equality. Nipun is routinely invited to share his message of with a wide range of audiences and his speech at UPenn commencement was read by millions. Nipun’s mission statement in life reads: “Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart.”


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