Spiritual Block Party 1

1st Spiritual Block Party 2020

Joy of Sharing Center, Norwalk, CA

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This wellness experience celebrates Life, Nature, and Great Mother. It’s for people of all colors to love the self and expand consciousness.

About this Event

The Spiritual Block Party is a festival celebrating Life, Nature, and Great Mother. This festival is held on Saturday, February 15, 2020, from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm at the Joy of Sharing Community Center, in Norwalk, CA.

This is a wellness experience that is for people of all colors! The purpose of this festival is to unite people under a common ground of loving the self and expanding our consciousness. 1,500 people attended.

Features include:

  • Healing experiences like Kundalini Meditation and Perspective Yoga
  • Full Chakra Activation
  • Vegan cooking demos
  • Natural health and wellness practices
  • Eco-friendly vegan products
  • Vegan food trucks
  • Increased Youth participation
  • Dance, music, meditation, a celebration of life

The festival brings together local and national companies that specialize in vegan, organic goods, wellness products and services to consumers interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Three focus areas:
  1. Movement (Kemetic Yoga, Body Freedom Dance, HIIT workout, Perceptive Yoga, Movement Meditation)
  2. Meditation (Kundalini Meditation, Shamanic Sound Healing, Full Chakra Activation, Sound Bath)
  3. Nourishment (My Vegan Journey by Roopa Rao, My Battle with Cancer by Dr. Rhiannon Hutton, Create Your Living Water by Victoria)

Sponsorship and vendor opportunities available!! Contact Dr. Gandhi at varun@drvarungandhi.com

Major Festival Supporters include vegan brands like Follow Your Heart, Califia Farms, GT’s Kombucha, Suja Juice, Vegan Robs, Vegan Outreach, Imperfect Foods and Gujarati Society of Southern California.

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