Suneel Dhand on What's Your Story

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What’s Your Story is a show about inspiring and encouraging the Indian youth, women, and men to live a better, successful life through the experiences and stories of people who have lived through the pain, the suffering, and distress and have overcome it.


Dr. Suneel Dhand is a board-certified internal medicine physician. He was born in London and grew up in Berkshire, England. He went to medical school at Cardiff University and then moved to the United States, completing his medical residency in Baltimore. He has since worked up and down the east coast of the US, in a number of different healthcare environments and settings, currently practicing a mix of inpatient and outpatient medicine.

Dr. Dhand’s main clinical interest and passion is lifestyle & preventive medicine. He started a popular healthcare blog and YouTube Channel and is the author of 3 well-being books.

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