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The FCA Yoga Experience April

School of Multidimensional Healing - HeartSpace, Irvine, CA

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NOTE: This event is complimentary! Show up, get activated, healthy and walk out the door rejuvenated.

Why Full Chakra Activation (MyFCA)?

This activation process turns on all seven chakra systems at the same time creating a unified auric field of Bio-Mechanical-Electro-Magnetic-Etheric Harmony And Rejuvenation, healing the body in the most important places as your spirit and mind determine. MyFCA also helps people naturally heal from emotional and spiritual stress.

The chakras are 7 different major energy centers, located in points of the body that control the 11 major systems of your physical body as well as the 7 major positive and 7 major negative emotions of your spirit body/Soul. When your chakras are fully activated, your major systems are healthy.

MyFCA is the world proof that you have a spirit and soul inside of your physical body able to be intensely felt on a plethora of physical levels all in under 25 minutes!

Immediate Benefits of MyFCA Are:

(1) Healing Of Physical Ailments.

(2) Relieving Of Emotional Stress.

(3) Mental Clarity And Spiritual Insights.

(4) Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Rejuvenation.

(5) More Energy.

(6) Quality Rest and Improved Sleeping Patterns.

You’ll be a new person!

Experience the Full Chakra Activation process directly from the Chakra Doctor who invented it.

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