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What’s Your Story: Conversations on Mental Diet

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Emmet Fox wrote The Seven Day Mental Diet as a guide to change your life in a week. Let’s dive deeper into the mental diet.

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The mind is the computer that gives the command for the body, the machine, to execute. How the mind commands the body is dependent on what the mind is exposed to, or what’s in the mind.

This is where the mental diet comes into play.

The mental diet focuses on everything we expose our minds to. The news, the movies and TV shows we consume; the words we hear; friends and family; the gossip; the negativity and the positivity. All of it.

Much like the body requires proper nutrition to thrive, the mind requires a healthy mental diet so that we exercise control over it.

In this conversation, we’ll take a look at what we are feeding our minds, whether we have control over what we expose our mind to? Do we exercise control? What comes in the way of taking control?


Dr. Yuvaraj Lingappa, Mental Skills Coach

Aneesh Chaudhary, Brain Health Coach

Neil Gaur, Founder, Portal To Ascension


Aneesh Chaudhary:

Aneesh is a Philanthropist, Brain Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Producer/Filmmaker. He specializes in the utilization of cutting edge treatments that combine both Eastern and Western Medicine in order to optimize results for his clients. He is the Owner and Founder of SoulPhysio Lifestyle LLC, which is an Integrative Healthcare Network based out of Orange County, CA.

Neil Gaur:

Neil is the Founder of Portal To Ascension, a conscious multimedia platform that provides a vast range of awareness  and disclosure on a variety of topics such as uncovering the truth of our existence, the nature of reality, our ancient history, disclosing hidden truths such as advanced technologies. PTA produces over 100 events per year online and live globally in the form of webinars, conferences, retreats and tours. We empower all of humanity to claim our sovereignty and create a world of unity, transparency, peace and elevated consciousness.

Dr. Yuvaraj Lingappa:

Yuvaraj is a Mental Skills Coach. He helps professional and amateur athletes in all sports globally. He is an International Inspirational Speaker. He is an Author and a Physician based in India. His passion is creating a winning mindset. His goal is to produce 5 gold medallists at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo now scheduled for 2021.

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