What’s Your Story: Conversations on True Indian History

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Topics include:

Aryan Invasion Theory: What’s the truth behind this theory?
Mahabharata Timeline: Was it real-life events or mythology? Why isn’t it accepted as truth?
Ancient Technologies like spacecraft: These technologies are found in our books thousands of years ago, yet we don’t believe it exists because it’s inconvenient for a group of people
Heroes of India: Many heroes have been omitted from our timeline. The Chola dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya vs Chandragupta, King Vikramaditya.
What are we being taught currently in history? and what’s missing from our books?
Learn about these topics from our panelists:
1. Amey Pradhan
2. Ankit Mishra
Pursuing his graduation with political science as major, Ankit Mishra is the admin of @indian.talkies. He strives to present Hindu Culture in an artistic way, and attract the Youth towards moral values.
3. Sri Kutupananda Nath
MA in Sanskrit. Books Authored include 1. Machines Von Aryans 2. Vedic Space Technology 3. Ketu Chakra & Outer orbit planets 4. Automation & Robotics in Sanskrit amongst others.
4. V

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